2019 Keilor Thunder Big V Sponsors

We are very proud to introduce our 2019 Big V Sponsors:

World Series Paintball - https://www.worldseriespaintball.com.au/

HOK Talent Solutions - https://hoktalentsolutions.com.au/

Racecourse Windows - http://www.racecoursewindows.com.au/

VI Partners - http://www.vipartners.com.au/

Australian Clothing Company - http://www.australianclothingcompany.com.au/

Global Locksmiths - https://www.globallocksmiths.com.au/

Ascot Group - http://www.ascot-group.com.au/

Slater Car Repairs - https://bit.ly/2uT2YfF

Vodaphone Port Melbourne - https://www.vbcportmelbourne.com.au/

Melbourne Orthodontic Group - http://www.visitmog.com.au/

The Pizza and Grill Company - http://pizzagrill.com.au/

We are grateful and appreciative of their continued support, as all of our sponsors contribute a great deal to KBA and the Big V Program! Be sure to visit them if you are ever in need of the services they provide!

For more information about the KBA Big program, visit our website at http://www.keilorbasketball.com.au/about-bigv/

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