"Get on Board" - General Committee Member Positions

What is the role of the KBA Committee?

The KBA Committee is an elected group of people, elected according to the KBA constitution, to achieve the goals and objectives of the association.

Responsibilities of a board member include:

- Comply with all legislation

- Member Protection, welfare and safety

- Ensure the Association is run according to its constitution, purpose, policies and procedures

- Oversee the financial affairs of the club, ensuring the club stays solvent.

- Ensure the sustainability of the Association

- Create and manage a risk management plan that minimises risks associated with all Association activities, not just the sporting risks

- Define and deliver the Association’s objectives and strategic plan

- Create your Association culture and ensure expectations are meet

- Ensuring the sporting, competitive and social needs of members are met

- Recruiting, empowering, recognising, rewarding and maintaining KBA Staff

- Creating and implementing a succession plan for all roles within the Association.

- Regularly communicate with Association members

- Collect, protect, maintain and hand over critical Association information from one year to the next

General Committee Member Job Description

Individual Committee Member

Each committee member is expected to meet, and support other committee members to meet, the following expectations of the role:

1. Listen to KBA members (E.g Suggestions, feedback, complaints, praise etc)

2. Ensure the Association is responsive to the needs of members by responding to them appropriately

3. Help to ensure the highest standards of governance and leadership for our Association

4. Support the KBA Staff

5. Be prepared for committee meetings

6. Assist in the Association’s strategic planning to ensure we lead and grow our Association

7. Help monitor our performance as an Association, including developing and using realistic Key Performance Indicators

8. Maintain Committee solidarity

9. Maintain positive working relations with our stakeholders

10. Ensure members of our association give and get the best information from the best person

11. Enact assigned portfolio to the best of their ability

12. Be a voting member of the Committee

For more information please contact administrator@keilorbasketball.com.au

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