KBA 3x3x3

Keilor Basketball Association - 3x3x3 Pre Season Basketball Event

Key Points (General)

- Return to Sport Guidelines specify we must close for 20 minutes for cleaning after each game.

- officials/staff not included in max. numbers.

- No spectators/parents/siblings will be permitted entry.

Key Points (Teams)

- U10 Mixed / U12 Boys & Girls/ U14 Boys & Girls / U16 Boys & Girls / U18 Boys & Girls

- U10 – Born 2012/2013

- U12 – Born 2010/2011

- U14 – Born 2008/2009

- U16 – Born 2006/2007

- U18 – Born 2004/2005

- Max. 5 players per team (+1 coach/team support)

- Not all 5 Players are required on court each Saturday, you must have a minimum of 3 players in order to partake in the game. No additional registrations will be accepted. Max. 5 players total per team.

- All players must be Keilor registered players. (Domestic/VJBL)

- 1 Basketball per team will be permitted entry for warm up purposes only.

- All players must bring their own water bottle. Drink fountains are not in use.

- Sanitising wipes will be provided for your team basketball.

- Game balls will be provided by KBA and sanitised by BioSafety Officers at the conclusion of each game.

- Each team will play a minimum of 2 games per Saturday.

Key Points (Game Structure)

- 2x 10 minute halves

- 5 minute half time break

· Referees to sanitise game ball (half time only)

· Referees to ensure players sanitise prior to re-entering the court

- 1 referee per game

- Rolling Clock (2 Games per Court)

- No Time Outs

- Unlimited Substitutions (Check of Ball/Free Throw)

- Domestic Rules Apply

- Manual Score Sheets

- Max. 7 Teams Registration per Age Group. (Waiting list of 3 additional teams per age group – Please email events@keilorbasketball.com.au)

Court Set Up (see image below)

· *Referee Safe Zone – Strictly NO Access

Key Points (Rules)


- Must have at least three (3) players to start

- The Team listed first on the fixture will begin with possession


- 1: “Check to Start” - After a score the team must “check” the ball before the next play commences.

- 2: “Turn Over/Lost Possession” - If the offensive team lose possession, the defensive team must take the ball outside the 3-point line to gain offensive possession.

- 3: “Protected Area/No Press” - If defensive team clearly secures a rebound, they cannot be defended inside the key as they attempt to take the ball outside the 3-point line.


- No Personal Fouls Recorded – Personal Fouls will contribute towards Team Foul Count.

- Unsportsmanlike Foul / Technical Foul = immediate substitution (cool off – 1 minute min.)

- Team Fouls (as per Junior Domestic)

- 8 Team Fouls per half

- 1 Free Throw for every team foul afterwards


- As per normal (2pt/3pt)

- All Free Throws/ Shooting Fouls will results in ONE shot only


- Jump Ball – Swap Possession as per normal (Arrows will not be in use)

- Zero Tolerance Policy – Any abuse towards an official will result in 1 Free Throw. If abuse continues players will be removed from the game. Players must remain inside the stadium, supervised by BioSafety and/or Referee Supervisor until the conclusion of the game.

*Given the unusual nature of this event, we have had to take into consideration mercy rule guidelines. We are still under restrictions and cannot include any form of grading. Therefore, this measure is to accommodate the variety of skill levels throughout the age groups, and to ensure the fairest possible outcome. We encourage all Players, Coaches & Officials to consider these guidelines and ensure everyone has a positive and fun experience.

We are excited to bring basketball back to the Keilor community, however we do recognise there may be some hesitation. We ask that all parents, coaches and players please be considerate of the participation focus of this event and avoid too much emphasis on the competitive nature. Mercy Guideline- If at any time throughout the game your team takes the lead by 10 points. All players on your team must take possession of the ball before your team can score.

Key Points (Uniforms)

- Players shall not wear shorts that have pockets and/or zips. Taping of pockets is also prohibited.

- If a player’s uniform has blood on it, the uniform must be removed. We encourage all teams entering in this event to bring a spare ‘blood’ singlet.

- In the event of a colour clash the team listed first on the fixture will need to wear an alternate coloured uniform.

- T-shirts are prohibited with the exception of compression under garments.

- For this event uniforms will not be strictly monitored. No points will be given for incorrect uniforms or number clashes. We ask that all players in your team are easily recognisable and wearing the same colours. Key Points (Venue Procedures)

- Players entering the Keilor Basketball Stadium must be registered and paid in full prior to their game. This ensures that every player participating is counted for and contact tracing can be completed.

- Every Player who enters Keilor Basketball Stadium must sign in with BioSafety Officers upon entry. Your details will be maintained for record keeping for the duration of 28 days.

- Every Coach/Team Support who enters Keilor Basketball Stadium will be required to register their attendance & team attendance via QR code using a smart phone.

- Everyone must sanitise upon entry/exit

- Face masks (over 12 years old) must be worn in the stadium. Face masks may only be removed for physical activity.

*The viability of this event is pending further announcements from Victorian State Government. Sunday 22nd November, 11:59PM AEDT


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