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Attention all basketball enthusiasts! If you are interested in joining the exciting world of basketball refereeing, now is your chance! We offer a comprehensive and in-depth basketball referee course that will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to become a confident and competent referee. Our course provides a balanced mix of in-class theory and on-court practice to ensure you receive a well-rounded education.

You will learn about all of the rules and regulations of the game, as well as the latest techniques used in refereeing. Our experienced instructors will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed on the court.

APPRENTICE JUNIOR DOMESTIC COURSE The Course focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations, and mechanics of basketball refereeing. The course emphasises in-classroom theory and offers on-court experience on Saturday Junior domestic games. If you choose this course, you will be part of a large classroom setting group. The Junior Domestic Theory Course is designed for those who value a strong understanding of the rules before stepping onto the court.

The course provides you with the opportunity to become a confident and competent basketball referee. So, don't wait any longer; apply now and choose the course that fits. To become a part of our program, you must be 15 years or older. All applicants will be considered, regardless of experience level.

Applications are open for the Term 2 - Apprentice Junior Domestic Course and close on April 24th, 2023.

The course dates are 9/05/2023, 16/05/2023, 25/05/2023, and 30/05/2023, and the course runs from 5.00 PM - 7.00 PM, all sessions are compulsory.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your skills and gain valuable experience as a basketball referee.

Apply now to register interest in the Term 2 - Apprentice Junior Domestic Course or register for future courses. If you are passionate about basketball and have the desire to learn and grow don’t miss this opportunity!

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