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The Keilor Technical Officials Commission (TOC) is the officials branch of the Keilor Basketball Association (KBA).

The Keilor TOC encompasses Referees, Referee Coaches, Referee Supervisors, Statisticians and Score Table Officials.


The Keilor TOC has a TOC Committee comprised of nominated volunteers, KBA Board Members, the Keilor Referees Advisor and a KBA employee, the TOC Admin Officer. The TOC Committee is a sub-committee of the KBA Board and is responsible for the education and strategic direction of all officials at Keilor.

The Administration and Appointments of the TOC is administered by the Keilor TOC Admin Officer - an employee of the KBA.

The Keilor TOC is overseen by the KBA General Manager, the Keilor Referees Advisor, the KBA TOC Admin Officer and the KBA Board.

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