The Junior Domestic Competition is set up to operate in co operation with up to 13 local domestic clubs. These clubs organise players into teams and enter them into competitions run by Keilor Basketball. Competitions are currently run for ‘winter’ (from April to September) and ‘summer’ (October to March) seasons, with break over the school holidays.

We offer a wide range of competitions that suit the abilities of our junior players. Age ranges start at U10s and extend to our 19s and under competition. Age groups apply according to the following for the 2019/2020 Summer Season and 2020 Winter Season Competitions.

Age group        Years of Birth

   U19s         2002, 2003 & 2004

   U16s              2005 & 2006

   U14s              2007 & 2008

   U12s              2009 & 2010

   U10s              2011 & 2012

Competitions are graded from A to E grade. Where team numbers in grades allow, a ‘reserve’ grade may be used (eg. E reserve to allow two E grades to be run). Combined grades, such as an A/B grade, may be used to allow more teams to play in a wider competition, while supporting a finals series for each grade.

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