For Players of All Skill Levels

Comprised of 12 local domestic clubs who participate in a weekend competition administered by the Keilor Basketball Association, our Junior Domestic Program caters for boys and girls of any skill level from from Under 10's to Under 20's. 

The Keilor Basketball Association hosts two Seasons each year:

  • Summer Competition - October till March

  • Winter Competition - April till September

Each age group in our Domestic Program consists of multiple grades which are based  on skill level to ensure competition is as fair and equitable as possible. Grades are represented alphabetically where A is the top grade for each age group. 

Each Season is approximately 17 weeks long, inclusive of a finals series where the Grand Finalists and Runner's up are traditionally awarded a medal or trophy for their success.​

In order to participate in the KBA Junior Domestic Program you can simply begin by contacting a representative from one of the 12 domestic clubs listed below.

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Our Domestic Clubs

Please see the below table to confirm which age group the prospective player would be eligible to compete in.

Age Group
Birth Year
Under 20's
2003 & 2004
Under 19's (Girls)
2004, 2005, & 2006
Under 18's (Boys)
2005 & 2006
Under 16's
2007 & 2008
Under 14's
2009 & 2010
Under 12's
2011 & 2012
Under 10's
2013 & 2014