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Why Referee?

Refereeing is for anyone at any age, if you are new to the game or have been involved for years there is a game for everyone to referee and brings a vast range of benefits!


Personal Development and Learn New Skills

At the heart of refereeing it’s about managing a sporting event and everyone involved to ensure a safe and fair game is played. Refereeing can be a challenging but a rewarding experience, through refereeing you learn confidence and the confidence to manage a group of people, problem solve on the spot, conflict resolution and at times a thick skin. Refereeing is a great addition to any resume! 

Keep Fit and Active 

Refereeing a game of basketball is great exercise and is played all year round. 

Being part of the game and learn more about the game 

As a referee you will learn in depth all the laws of the game and gain a deeper understanding about why decisions are made and understanding of the game.

Give back to the game you love by refereeing

We can never have too many referees involved and is a great way to be part of the game! 

A career pathway...perhaps you will make it to the NBL

Refereeing has a pathway for everyone, if you are ambitious and want to make it a career as an elite referee we have talent development programs to help you progress to achieve your goals. 

Meet new friends

Meet new people and make great friends! Join the refereeing family and make friends for life, we have games across overnight of the week, events throughout the year, and regular social media posts to discuss basketball and socialise with those who love the game.

Earn a little extra money

Every game you referee you will be paid. Refereeing is tax free hobby and makes a great first job or side hustle.

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