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Persons reported in competitions administered by the Keilor Basketball Association are referred to a Basketball Victoria Tribunal.

These cases are heard by an independent panel of volunteers, with most cases taking place at the Keilor Basketball Stadium.


Reports can be made by Referees, Referee Supervisors, Referee Coaches or Stadium Officials.


After a report is made the KBA Tribunal Secretary will contact the reported person/s via their Club (Junior Domestic) or Team contact

(Senior Domestic) to advise them of the charges and Tribunal details. The KBA does not deal with specific cases, once the report is made, reported person must prepare their evidence for the Tribunal.

In some cases, minor charges may be referred to ‘Alternate Procedure’, where a formal Tribunal Hearing may not be required. This is at the discretion of the relevant Tribunal chairperson.


Where a formal Tribunal Hearing is required, reported persons are entitled to bring a witness to the Tribunal Hearing.


At the conclusion of the Tribunal Hearing if a reported person is found guilty of any of the reported charges they will be advised of

their appeal rights via the Penalty and Appeals notice provided to them.


All tribunal forms and documentations can be found here


The Basketball Victoria Tribunal By-Laws can be found here


The Keilor Basketball Association reserves the right to publish the names, details of offences and penalties of any individuals or teams found guilty at a Basketball Victoria tribunal for offences committed in KBA Competition.

This is based on the amended by-law from the Basketball Victoria State Conference:


30. An organising body and Basketball Victoria may publish results of Tribunal Hearings, including the names of persons found guilty by the Tribunal together with details of offences and penalties, by posting those details on notice boards in the stadium, offices and/or on their web sites.


Below are the most recent Keilor Basketball Association Tribunal summaries

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